Java 9 and Jigsaw improvements with 'jlink'

It was recently announced that Java 9’s latest builds now include the Project Jigsaw module system. This is pretty awesome stuff, to be honest. One of the benefits that a lot of systems-programming advocates claim is having a self-hosted runtime. Being able to do that is at least feasable in Jigsaw, using the built-in jlink tool.

I don’t anticipate that it will completely replace the JDK for some applicaitons, but it brings in a whole new world of options. Some features I’m pretty interested in include:

  • improved dynamic language
  • pre-compilation
  • selective runtime includes
  • faster bootstrap/startup times, and
  • likely a whole new host of self-bootstrapping desktop/server applications that don’t need to worry nearly as much about having to roll in an entire runtime

There are a lot of good resources that I scoured trying to build this, so I’ll link to them here in case you’d like to learn for yourself or just have some fun times digging around the docs:

Getting Started Guide for Jigsaw

Now that build 111+ has support for Jigsaw, we should be able to follow their Module System Quick-Start Guide and get things rolling. I’ve started out building this Quick-Start guide and have put it on GitHub: . I can’t say that I have everything working, but I am pleased that things are working as smoothly as they are, considering this is–at best–an alpha release.

Future Posts

I don’t have everything in a demo-able state, but I’m working on things and may have more to update as that above repository is updated. Stay tuned.