Java 9 Modularity Features

Modularity in the JVM

I spent some time yesterday playing with the demos for the Jigsaw Project, and have something that I hope is usable for others:

I haven’t yet tried it on a Windows machine, but that’s next on my list. Each of the examples in the Jigsaw Quick Start have an associated script that will build the example. I haven’t done much documenting, but I do suggest that if you’re looking at these examples, you follow along with the documentation. It’s pretty good, and does a much better job explaining the steps than I can.

JLinker sizes

The biggest reason I wanted to play with the Jigsaw features was to see how the jlinker worked in terms of generating a self-contained JVM+runnable app. I’m pretty happy with it, and think that it’s pretty slick, all things considered. The downside is just the size. I’m sure that it’s a massive effort to slim down the JVM to what is absolutely needed to run the code you have, but the smallest example I could run on my MacBook Air was around ~33MB. That’s pretty good, but still pretty large (at least compared to a similarly-written Golan project). I think that things are probably trending even further downward, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see further interations of this slim it down further, or even finding some excited hackers able to shrink it even further themselves. At this point, I’m really hopeful, and think that this is a pretty nice addition the JVM. More competition is always a good thing.